Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Muslimah Entrepreneur : Garden Party


One of the activities in welcoming the Isra Mi'raj. Queenaya follow the bazaar and seminars on Muslim women entrepreneurs with the concept of a garden party.  
The event was held by "Beauty In Veil" which was held on June 17, 12 at Rumah Kebon Cengkeh

The speaker are:
1. Abu Marlo (Successful entrepreneurs with the laws of heaven)
2. Ina Cookies (sharing the culinary business)
3. Prugna Shoes (sharing footwear business)
4. Razkyumi (Sharing online business)
5. Anggraeny (Beauty & Hijab Trainer)

In addition there are seminars, this event also bazaar fashion, hijab tutorial, and performance entertainment from Turqoise Voice Nasheed, and house music Roesli Hary (RMHR).

Purpose of this seminar is to fill the Isra Mi'raj with positive activities for muslimah. Where participants will gain knowledge about Muslim women business entrepreneurs in particular, without prejudice to the role of the function as a woman.

unfortunately some of the activities of all undocumented. 
 following are successfully documented.

My Queen, also join me at Bazaar and she still wear pajamas :p

flowery dominan everywhere :)

touch up for take some pic :)

cardigan multiways Tosca style 1

cardigan multiways style 2
cardigan multiways style 3

give tutorial for cardigan multiways

our beloved customer :)

wearing japan piled suspender, flowery top and pashmina by QUEENAYA

Saturday, June 23, 2012

style inspiration: wedding attire

what I wore:
Pashmina Scraf Grey  -Pinguin Top Fuschia - Pattern skirt (Queenaya)
Brooch (Moschait)

not allowed to copy and paste without permission
copyright by @queenova

Friday, June 15, 2012

Style Crush


very too late if I join for Hijab Fashion Week Day 7 theme style crush. :p
last week's opening Queenaya boutique. Just a little time to do with so many tasks.
so.. I miss this theme :p 
just try to make style crush from Haina. just take a look..


what I wore:
Palazo Pants Red (Queenaya)
Stripe Cardi (Est)
Flatshoes (Payless)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gift for Husband and Dad


Today (7 June) is my hubby birthday.
 is the first time to celebrate a birthday in different cities.. huhuhu..
Of course, surprise is also different too.
I made a
trophy award and cartoon pictures of our family, as a gift.  
And sends it to my husband's office, (should have been up to and well received)
hopefully he's happy too :) and think of us being there together. :)

'Best DAD & HUSBAND award presented to LUKMAN AGUS for your Love, Dedication, Commitment to Family'

thanks to Mas Agus (Edittag) for cute cartoon :)

Happy Birthday My Beloved Hubby, May Allah always take care of You.

we always love you Ayah 

Bunda Queen

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

to my dearest friends

For Friend == <3

Have a good friend is a dream that missed anyone, because it's a good friend who will shine like gold forever.
Good friend is like a mate who can coexist forever.
Good friend is like a road that will be lived more and more light.
Good friend is a treasure and a blessing that has no end.

Just look at chili, its spicy but likes a lot ... '

Smell the roses, its spiked but fragrance ... '

Just look at the sky stars, very beautiful but cant touch...'

All people living with the advantages and disadvantages ... '

Better friends with the Clean Simple Minds and great attitude than friends with a clever mind that Cheaters and Evil.

A friend's,
sometimes be like a star in the sky is still visible and are always watching us,
sometimes be like a sewing needle, although piercing but always be together.
Companions should not be like scissors that can cut and separate each other.

So also with us, therefore, I thank you all as my friend with all the advantages & disadvantages I ...

Every day we encounter though only through the shadows,
Every day we interact and communicate only through writing though,
Every day we learn together and add to the knowledge,
Each day we kidding though only a small joke.

with love

Tutorial Scraf Pashmina: Simply Chic


After Hijabi Fashion Week ..some friends asked me to share Hijab tutorial. 
Especially, hijab style which I wear in HFW theme of "Date Night".  
And now, I will share these tutorials.
Hopefully useful for all my friends. 
and..good luck :)

Items Need:

Saturday, June 2, 2012

HFW 2012 : Day 6 - Date Night


Theme for Hijabi Fashion Week Day 6 is Date Night

Sounds romantic when heard "date night". 
After marriage & has a daughter, not mean we passed a date night. 
we also need to enjoy the romance, so that we remain harmonious relationship. 
look beautiful, graceful and attractive when with him also needs to be :)

and here we are :)

what I wore:
maxi dress brown (luna maya hardware)
stripe top (Queenaya)

with love

Friday, June 1, 2012

HFW 2012 : Day 5 - Special Occasion


I hope it's not to late :)

"special occasion". 
I choose Wedding Party for this theme.
This photo was taken last week, while attending a wedding of a friend.
just wearing batik silk skirt paired with a cardigan layer.
simple and formal :)

what I wore:
batik skirt (handmade)
layer cardi & hodiejah black (Queenaya)